Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Some Of Us Just Ain't Cut Out For Computers

Before my computer began its decent into oblivion I had several brief essays that I had started on a variety of issues . I may one day actually post them here.

At this point I'm completely discouraged. The place I bought my computer from was more than helpful and put my computer back to factory condition, which was nice for awhile. Now, the usual; a printer that won't print, video feeds that are choppy and slow etc.

This time, I win. I'm not going to devote hours of time attempting to reconcile my incompetence to a concept that is beyond me.

While I love writing, I'm just not cut out for these things (computers) – 'never have been. I'm not going to vent my cyber-frustrations on Bill Gates or technological advancement in general like so many modern day Luddites would have it. No, I like the idea of computers and I marvel at what they can do in competent hands.

I remember actually working as a waiter for restaurants and writing a customer's order on a piece of paper (no, I'm not 90 years old). When restaurants began using computers my first encounter with my own frailties before technology began. Computers made my job considerably more difficult and frustrating. Again, the problem was me or, more specifically, my inability to interact with this still relatively new medium. Like every "spacey" guy with a vivid imagination, I can be occasionally creative, but keep me away from gadgets.

I may eventually get this pathetic piece of shit up and running reasonably enough to play with my photographs (thousands at this point), dabble with my astrology programs, download and play music, and even occasionally get a new post up here but, for now I'm afraid, this blog is as good as dead. Of course, I've said that before a few times in the last few years so, who knows.

In this period of my computer's illness I've not been scanning the news on web pages, I've not been posting to any of my blogs, and I've not been sending or receiving e-mails. I have to say, it's been bliss.
I can finally sit down and just read a book or casually perform mundane errands without having to race to simply arrive at work on time.

Do check back in several weeks as I will no doubt get this thing functional enough to at least post the scraps I had hoped to post before. As time permits, I'll eventually add to my list of "Big Rant" links (specific essays that I hope articulate a view of culture and political philosophy well).

I also hope to eventually add my – literally hundreds of – new observations to my Promethean Observer site.

As stated in the last post, please see my "Big Rant" links and links to other sites if you haven't already or if you are new to this site.

I may get stuff up here again on a regular basis at some time in the future, but don't count on it.

Surrendering to the reality of my own computer incompetence is a great feeling,

Now I'm going to relax and read a good book.

Have fun...and, laugh at the nonsense


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Temporary Hibernation and "Global [Summer]"

...'Got one of them malware critters in my machine. 'Will be away from blogland for a week or two [actually, let me update that to a few weeks. 'Turns out that I'll need to reinstall my entire operating system and begin the tedious chore of reloading a plethora of photos, documents, programs, and music (complete with "activation codes" and such)]. What a pain in the ass...oh well...

If you're new to this site please see my list of "Big Rants" or some of the links I have to other sites with similar appraisals of events current, recent, and long dead.


Now that it's really hot we refer to "global warming." We used to just call it summer. Do you really think that giving the government more money, authority, and control over the economy is going to give you a more comfortable August?

Also, have you notice that when the mainstream media refers to "record temperature" they won't note that the last "record temperature" was decades ago, or more -- or that temperature records only began being kept in that last hundred years or so. It may now be appropriate to remind some that under the melting ice of Greenland we are finding remnants of animal life, plantlife, and even farming villages.

Yeah, it's Summer and its really hot...but a bureaucrat isn't going to change that any more than they're going to "eliminate poverty in our lifetime."

Oh, ...sorry to disappoint but, like a lot of people who don't play along with this "man-made climate change" con, I receive no money from "big oil" or big anything for that matter.

Autumn is just around the corner. 'Always my favorite season as we succumb to extreme and excessive moderate temperatures.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Absurdities in Political Correctness

"Homophobia" means fear of homosexuals. I don't think there are many people who are actually "afraid" of homosexuals. There's certainly no cause to be, whether one is enthused about their lifestyle or opposed to it (for what it's worth, I'm neither).

"Islamophobia" means fear of Muslims. ...That's a whole other story now, isn't it...

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Property Is “The Root Of All …”

…Actually, it’s not the root of anything. It just is. It’s as natural as a wolf pissing on the perimeter of its territory.

In certain circles of political delusion, property is “socially constructed” and is one part of an oppressive mechanism (“oppression” being the rule of law in a market society that outlaws theft).

There have been times that I’ve seen crows evenly spaced on a telephone wire and have noted the polite rearranging of their positions when one flies in to disrupt the property value of a perch. I wonder if the others are feeling “oppressed” by a newly arrived crow’s stake in a few cubic centimeters of crow real estate.

Property is natural. Things own other things. People own their own spirits, bodies, and values as well as more tangible "materialistic" things. That is, until the state or some other control clown or system seeks to seize them for “the good of” some collective abstraction like “the people,” “society,” or “the revolution.”

In Venezuela recently, Hugo Chavez, in characteristic Marxist fashion, has been pissing on large chunks of other people’s property and territory…for the “revolution.” This is just one example among many, though a textbook case of Marxist philosophy in action. The U.S. apparatus of state – the political class – has certainly seized its unfair “share” of other people’s stuff (property, body, and soul -- in the case of government schools).

Privately and individually owning stuff is natural. Its not a “root” of anything though it sometimes motivates the jealousy and avarice of some to steal what is not theirs. Trying to justify theft by saying that it’s for some imaginary collectivist cause or “redistribution” is no different than a mugging with a lighter blow to the head (actually, the “blow” has historically often been more lethal).

Property is the root of nothing…but clearly arrogance and hypocrisy are the root of all motivation and thought among some political ideologues.

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